10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kylie Jenner

We all feel like we know everything about Kylie since we’ve seen her grow up on TV, but we’ve dug up some facts you might have forgotten about the billionaire mogul.

1. She dated Cody Simpson

Yep the reality star dated Miley’s bf in 2011. The romance didn’t last too long and considering Cody went on to have very public relationships with Gigi Hadid and now Miley Cyrus, it’s easy to forget these two were a couple. Cody made a subtle comment about his previous relationships back in October saying he’s never been deeply heartbroken, “You date people in the spotlight, and then all of a sudden they’re like dating someone else and it’s all you see” he said. Ouch.

2. She has starred in a lot of music videos

Surprised by this one? Well Kylie has made an appearance in a number of music videos, of artists such as TYGA, Travis Scott, Drake, Justine Skye, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Jaden Smith and one of the first appearances, pre lip filler, was when Kylie was the love interest in music video to Find That Girl by The Boy band Project, all the boyband cheesiness and baby Kylie at a masquerade dance? Golden throwback content if you ask us.

3. Kylie has a fear of butterflies

A weird one because we have seen many a butterfly image and piece of jewellery on Kylie’s Instagram, and people even thought Stormi was going to have a butterfly related name at one point. But Kylie has admitted she is “terrified of all butterflies” on her show Life Of Kylie, but yet she does love the still image of butterflies.

4. Kylie is the messiest of her siblings

We all know how clean and tidy Khloe likes to keep her home, but both Khloe and Kendall have pointed fingers at Kylie on the Ellen show for being the least tidy of the group. But tbf she’s a billionaire so she probably has someone who cleans for her…

5. She’s named after her mam

Well, her middle name. Kylie’s middle name is Kristen, after her momager, the name is a reflection of the powerful women they are, like mother like daughter!

6. Kylie was a cheerleader

Back in Highschool both Kylie and Kendall were on the cheer team, and we aren’t surprised tbh. The girls attended Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth California, although they decided to be homeschooled for the final years of education due to work commitments.

7. Kylie doesn’t really want to be fmaous

If you’re a fan of the reality shows you’ll know how Kylie feels about her fame. On numerous occasions she has stated that she doesn’t feel like she’s supposed to be famous, she even has said that she’d love to “run away” when fame stresses her out. Growing up on television and social media is not the easiest thing to do so Kylie’s feelings here are totally understandable.

8. She embraces her scars

Kylie has a large scar on her thigh, which she explained came from when she was playing hide and seek when she was five and a sharp pole stuck into her leg, OUCH. But Kylie is all about embracing imperfections and loves a chance to show off her scar on a night out.